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Don’t stall – Help Stimulate The Market

Posted in All, Embleys, Property by Embleys on 10th August, 2015

It’s holiday season and here at embleys we are celebrating another successful quarter in which we have once again seen our market share develop and growth in terms of completions. It’s always a great feeling to have helped even more clients move into their new homes around the North East coastal areas.

As ever, we’d like to thank you for this ongoing success. The reason we are asked to carry out so many valuations is down to the positive word of mouth and recommendations that we receive. Customer service will always be at the heart of everything we do and the fact it pays off in this way is really gratifying to see.

As you know, I always share a bit about local market conditions so here’s the latest news. The situation hasn’t actually changed that much since Easter.

Stock is still low, with demand reasonably high. This means if you’re thinking of listing your property, our advice is not to wait. Summer is a time when properties often look their best and you can really see everything on offer. It also means you have a much greater likelihood of being in your new home, all ready and settled for Christmas.

It’s fair to say that sometimes sellers hesitate to put their home up for sale because they’ve not yet found what they want but all this does is stall activity.

If you’re wondering what I mean by this, it’s that if everyone waiting to find a home went ahead and put their property on the market while they are looking, the stock issue would very quickly resolve – availability would increase and it would really help stimulate the market. So please do list, it helps everyone keen to buy and/or sell.

What’s more we promise you this: we will always got the extra mile to find you what you want in the postcode you’re keen to live in and this includes leaflet dropping and more. Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you how proactive we can be in this regard.

As ever we want everyone to be ‘sold on embleys’ so please do give us a call on 0191 252 2810 as we’d love to tell you all about how we can help.


House Price Forecast

Posted in All, Embleys, House Prices, Property, Statistics by Embleys on 16th July, 2015

Investing in property is always a little nerve-wracking, whether or not you’ve done it before or whether it’s your second, third or even tenth home!

The good news is that the clever people at Savills Research have been projecting ahead and come up with this clever visual to illustrate five year forecast values.

So if you’re wondering whether to buy now, wonder no more.

As you can see, the outlook for the residential property sector continues to be positive, with house prices in 2016 set to rise by another 3% compared to the 2% they went up by this year.

Property values are unlikely to spike like they did before the bubble burst, at least not as far as the predictions go, so that gives confidence that buying now offers security for the foreseeable future.

The housing market predictions show that the North East is performing ahead of London and pretty much in line with the North, even if values are lower than across the rest of the UK.

With this in mind, why not ask us for a valuation? The next few months offer a really good time to buy.



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